Hi, I’m Yashashwini Kotian . I launched Kotians Passion with the vision of preserving my families stories and recipes while making cooking simple and experts cook alike.

I was born and brought up in Mangalore a small coastal town in south India and after my marriage moved to Mumbai.  Life in a megacity that never slept, and a hectic work schedule made me miss the comfort of my home and my mother’s cooking.  I grew up eating a lot of authentic traditional food. coming from a very traditional Indian family I learned to cook good food from culinary experts in our traditional extended family.  So essentially I started the blog to document traditional recipes passed down by my family. 

I am very fond of these Mangalorean traditional recipes. it’s my passion to preserve the authenticity of these Mangalorean traditional recipes passed down by my family and pass it on the future Mangalorean generations, especially those who had little knowledge of or access to traditional recipes, many of whom live away from their homes.

Making these traditional recipes bought back so many wonderful memories that I was moist-eyed all the time.  these recipes have been an integral part of my childhood and I am glad that finally recreated it all, you readers.  it is truly amazing how certain recipes can bring back so many wonderful memories and evoke a million emotions. 

Kotians Passion is a food blog not only includes traditional Mangalorean recipes but also includes tried and tested easy, comforting recipes from the kitchen of Yashashwini Kotian.

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I don’t claim to be an expert cook and I post only recipes that have worked for me… I hope to inspire you all with new recipes every week. so stay tuned…